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PSAA is a not for profit organisation that brings awareness to the thousands of pet scamming syndicates who prey on pet shoppers. The problem now heightened with the high demand for puppies during Covid. We aim to help puppy shoppers spot a scammer and we help scammed victims through community support.


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If you’ve been scammed, join our Facebook community group for support.


Before you buy your next pet, scan our list of known scammers to avoid.

A step by step puppy buying Guide 

Our guide to help you through your puppy purchase.

PSAA in the news

ABC News recently featured our story. 

Puppy Scams Cost Australians 1.3m But Victims Are Fighting Back

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PSAA is able to operate through generous donations from the community and through paid sponsorships. 

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Information provided about scam websites by Admin on this page has been researched without prejudice. Puppy SCAM awareness AUST mission is to make people aware of current scams operating within Australia. The Majority of Scam Websites has been found to be operating from outside of Australia. All inquiries regarding this page are to be directed to Admin team directly.

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