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Before buying a puppy, check to see that your are not buying from one of these scammers!! (Pet Transport) (Pet Transport) (Transport Company) (Pet Transport) (Pet Transport) (Pet Transport) (Pet Transport)

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Information provided about scam websites by Admin on this page has been researched without prejudice. Puppy SCAM awareness AUST mission is to make people aware of current scams operating within Australia. The Majority of Scam Websites has been found to be operating from outside of Australia. All inquiries regarding this page are to be directed to Admin team directly.

All external links regarding Breeder Associations has been listed without prejudice and is intended for information purposes only. Any information  provided is for consideration only. Puppy SCAM awareness AUST does not endorse any particular business or association, nor is responsible for the information and or actions  caused by this information. Please do your research before buying! 

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