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Presents for Paws

Looking for the pawfect gift this Christmas? 

Presents For Paws ( is a small Australian Business that specialises in matching the right toys to the right paws. With a small, but dedicated team, they not only work with customers across Australia, but with breeders, dog clubs and organisations that give back to the dog community. They are also a proud sponsor of us, PSAA! We have been lucky enough to work with Presents for Paws to help with products from time to time to help Australian families affected by puppy scams.

EVERY dog is different! Not just because of breed and age, but temperament and human family influence. Presents For Paws packs boxes to match you and your pawsome loving family, ensuring you don't waste time and money on toys that are the wrong type, size or strength.

This November, Presents For Paws is offering PSAA friends a very special offer that includes a FREE vinyl decal for your gift box, free delivery anywhere in Australia, included Christmas toys and customised toys to match your dog and 5% discount on multi-box orders! Simply use code PSAALOVE2023 to receive your discount when checking out.

How to Find Presents For Paws


Order your Xmas gift today!! 

Help support a wonderful organisation who care about you and your furry friend! 

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