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How to spot a fake website

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Scam Websites:

  1. ​​Check how long ago their website was created using this website :  Usually if it's created recently indicates a scam. Most breeders are well established and have waiting lists for next year

  2. Check their contact details. If the phone number starts with 0480-0***** or 0488-8***** then it’s likely to be a scam.  Use free reverse phone look up to see if it's a local operator.

  3. Enter their email address, website address or phone number plus the word “scam” in Google and check the links that comes up. Are there any scam alerts?

  4. Puppy photos – are all the photos similar with the same background? 

  5. Are the same images used on other websites? Download an App called “Reversee”. Or, right click on an image, and select ‘search google for image’. Is it a one-of-a-kind image, or stolen from another website?

  6. Copy a testimonial into Google to see if other pages use the same testimonials.

  7. Ask to see the puppy via FaceTime or Messenger video call. If they refuse or don’t reply it’s likely to be a scam.

  8. Do they use words such as “potty trained”, “shots”, “shipping” or offer discounts? Scam! 

  9. Check the website a few times – are there any changes or updates to the available puppies? Most puppies are sold very quickly, are the same ones always available?

  10. If it’s too good to be true, it is! 

  11. Check all microchip numbers and Breeder numbers on Pet registry or the association they belong to.  Located on our Puppy Buying Guide page.


  1. Checking the website's history - You can check any website's WHOIS information which gives you a few details like when it was created/registered. There are many sites where can do this, a popular one is Godaddy'   Just type in the site's address and it would give you a wealth of information, common sense should guide you from there.  If it's an Australian domain (i.e ends with ".au") then it would be tied to a valid Australian ABN which you can lookup below.

  2. ABN / Business name Lookup - You can search any ABN here:

  3. Checking business names - Check for details here

  4. Looking up the breeder registration details on Breeder Association Directory.  Most reputable reputable breeders have websites, ABN and Business Name. Once you have checked these details (usually name, location, phone number,and email).  Always ask which organisation the breeder is registered to and compare the phone numbers and address details to ensure they match with the info the Association have on file.

Facebook Sites

​​Look out for the following, it could be a sign it is fake. If in doubt avoid!

  1. Fake Facebook pages have been created in the last couple of months.

  2. The page has very few likes (sometimes none).The posts often mention different locations. At times in completely different countries like: "puppies available in Sydney", "puppies available in London".

  3. Generally no contact information. They will ask to be contacted via private WhatsApp messages.

  4. Watch for phone numbers that start with 0480-0***** or 0488-8*****.

  5. Scammer "puppies" are always available immediately. 

  6. Legit breeders will normally give a date for when the litter will be available.

  7. Scammers have multiple breeds of dogs "available".

  8. Do a reverse image search, to find if they have been stolen from other sites.

  9. Download an App called “Reverse Image Search" or right click on an image, and select ‘search google for image’ to select from the drop down list.

  10. Legit breeders will post updates on their dogs and litters, and post other topics (dog related) to keep customers interested in their pages.

  11. Watch for words and phrases like "potty trained", "shots", "the puppies mom", "Cavapoo", "AKC approved" (AKC stands for American Kennel Club),"Rabies shots".

  12. Look for obvious grammatical and spelling errors. 

  13. Scammers use names like: "Adorable Yorkie puppies available near me", "Labrador puppies available for rehoming", "Cavoodle puppies available for sale", "Adorable frenchies for adoption".

  14. Very low prices are an obvious red flag. (Most puppies are going from 4K upwards)

  15. Stay alert to these signs and if in doubt you can contact us.

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