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Welcome to the safest place to buy and sell pets


If you are selling pets, join us and be protected from scammers

Puppy Scam Awareness Australia is proactively helping Australia's best companion animal breeders by protecting them from scammers.  


Pet Breeders can list their animals with confidence knowing they are protected and supported by Puppy Scam Awareness Australia.


We will not let you get scammed.


So if you are a breeder with excellent breeding standards, who value their reputation and their intellectual property, then let us support and protect you.


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Breeder Registration

To be considered a legitimate breeder, you will need to show proof of identity and relevant documentation for each animal being bred. We will require face time to be able to verify if you qualify for our breeder's directory.

See our Terms and Conditions here.

We accept applications for registered and non-registered breeders who understand the importance of being a responsible breeder, and who follow strict ethics and guidelines. 

Subscription Fees:

Subscription fee is payable on application and non-refundable. 

Membership fees are payable monthly, 6 monthly or annually, due prior to expiry off current membership.


  • Monthly   $20    (inc GST)

  • 6 Months $99    (inc GST)

  • Annual     $180  (inc GST)


Renewals are subject to checks to ensure legal practices are being followed.

Please allow up to 3 working days for this process.

If you are a legitimate breeder and would like to be listed on our trusted directory, please fill out the registration form below.   


Any misleading or fraudulent representation or personal details, the total number of dogs included in your application or any other relevant information may result in the subscription being cancelled immediately without a refund and may result in being placed on the PSAA scammers list. 

PSAA will investigate all complaints which involve a breach of PSAA Standards. If you have reason to believe that a PSAA member has breached these codes of conduct then, we want to hear from you. Please contact us. 

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