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Get your pet home safely through our trusted transport companies

I've got a pet transport company. What's the benefit for me?

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The majority of people we engage with, are people looking for pets, selling pets, or reporting pet scams. 

As far as targeting goes, this is a marketing budget well spent.

PSAA's brand is very well respected in the pet industry. We walk the talk by thoroughly understanding whom we work with and we have the capability of actively shutting unscrupulous behaviour down.

Our relationship with our clients is all about trust.

We want to build partner relationships with businesses we trust, so we can protect pet buyers and sellers from scams and move money away from scammers.

Get Noticed Today! 

Puppy Scam Awareness has worked tirelessly for the past 2 years to shut down puppy scam and create awareness amongst Australians. 
During Covid, the puppy scam pandemic has risen and has seen the creation of dozens of fraudulent pet transport companies popping up online. 
As a result, customers and breeders are increasingly paranoid and distrusting with one another. This unfortunately has reeked havoc in the industry. 
Our aim is to bring Australians a safe and ethical Pet Transport Directory, and provide Pet Transport businesses and customers a safe place away from scammers. 

Terms of use:

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